Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wew, Long break...

Welcome: A Strange Theory

Well, How is everyone? All zero people that read this.

I had originally had plans to come back here way more often, but due to a lack of my own creativity I felt that I wouldn't be able to procure something worth reading. I figure if my topics are to boring to even read back to myself then I should probably avoid posting them.

I am now currently living with my brother in an appartment in B'ville... until a trip later this year... I'll get to that a bit later.

Well I think the proper thing to do would re-catch up, as it has been almost two years since my last post. Let's start with gaming, shall we?

The Bad.

I finally gave up on Super Smash Brothers: Melee, simply for the lack of interest and overall just staleness that accompanies a game after a decade and no one to play with. My two opponents (for the majority of my "Advanced Tech" Melee time were Sam and Erik) two friends of mine, who I don't really talk to a great deal anymore, had obvious implications on my Melee gaming. Without them, it simply wasn't as entertaining to be good at a game that almost everyone had forgotten. I'll just say I ended with my mains as: Marth, Fox, Link.

Next up, I should probably mention that I had been playing Ragnarok for over a year or so and had managed to pretty much do everything I like in Ragnarok Online. I had a set of +9 Diablos Gear, accompanied by a fair share of +9 other items such as Valkyrie shields, Orleans shields, and generic other items. With all that, I was destine to PvP, but for the past probably 7 month's on and off that was all I had been doing. With that, I had not much to actually gain even in a MMO, and so it finally became time to call it quits.

Finally, for gaming; I have really taken a break from most console games. A la~ all of them. I will get to more of the why in a little bit, but suffice to say, I didn't want to burden myself with extra items that will have to be moved around again.

So~ now that gaming, at least in the video realm has been taken care of, I figured I would talk about life events that have been going on. It's been quite a while since my last post and some of it has gone all over the place.

First and foremost, Andria and I have been dating now for... over 4 years now. Last winter, (2009-2010) we went down to Disney world, which was a first for her. Unfortunately it was rather cold for even the south that year. We also got to travel to Buffalo, NY this year for our birthdays. It was a long trip but it was very cool to see some of the meusums and points of interest there. All has been going well, although lately I haven't seen her as much as I would like. I understand people need alone time to, which is fine, I just wish it wasn't essentially two weeks or more, this close to Valentines day sometimes. (It's Feb. 10th today.) Ahh well, everyone needs time to relax away from the world sometimes.

The Ugly.

While on the topic of human interactions, I figure this would be a good time to explain the Sam and Erik "thing" I mentioned before. Sam, a good friend for a long time has become a casualty in some werid "war of women" thing that had been happening for the later half of 2010. Essentially, our girlfriends had a breaking up, that needed to happen in my opinion, and in the drama that followed, I had posted some rather unflattering comments Sam had made on his facebook page, thus leaving him to decide his own fate. Unfortunately he didn't find the situation as funny as I did, and wound up blocking my facebook and removing his comments. Needless to say, I'm not particularly angry with anyone or at any event in this, because I assume that at somepoint we will be on a talking level again. However, I can hope the same isn't true for Andria and Anita for their relationship had been toxic for far to long. The other I wanted to mention was Erik. A good college friend of mine, we had been the main force of Melee in our area essentially. This past summer, I got an appartment with him and 3 other guys assuming it would be fun to do some summer class work and hang out with him as well. Unfortunately having the option to be away from the Oswego campus has lead him to be a little more... friendly with drinking and smoking, which in itself is totally fine. Unfortunately weither it be my immaturity toward games, or his towards lack of self restraint, we rarely talked or gamed. I have a lack of interest of any kind toward drinking or smoking, while it seemed more and more so true that he had a lack of interest in gaming. No hard feelings either way, just a parting of opinions and people.

The Good.

Now, lets talk about some actually GOOD things that have been happening, and some that are about to happen...

I'm going to Japan.

Yep, thats awesome. I'm going to do an entire semester in Akita Japan, finishing up my Degree at Akita International University. More then anything, I am excited. I have been to Japan once before in the spring of 2008 and loved every second of it. As a momento, I carried around 5000 Yen to always tell myself... I'll be back. Now, hopefully this isn't my last trip to Japan, but more then anything, I am going back. I will be there for a good 4-5 months and this will obviously have some implications back here in the states. Andria of course is going to miss me and of course I will miss her a great deal as well. This however is the beginning of my adult life and I cannot simply leave my dreams abroad to remain as dreams if I truely want to be happy with my life. Over all this will be something very cool, and I hope to begin to blog more frequently about it while I am abraod. (Possibly on another channel or something... so my complete personal life and my trip abroad don't completely mingle for those on the internet)

Finally, lets talk about Magic. Magic: The Gathering.

Where to start? Last time I was talking I posted a mirriad of decks of all types and colors and all that jive. Well I'll start this time with a little about my "good fortune" in Magic first. First off, I have always enjoyed trying to "Make" cards. In the end of my 2010 spring semester I had finally begun making proxies using transparencies. Very cool. However the process was expensive and slow, which made it a pain for doing anything more then a few specific cards. I would however, finally find a process that matched my needs this year (2011). I have found that with a combination of PSD templates and a "sticker" paper, I have been able to mass produce the type of proxies that I can at least use for casual and fun play. This has been a real benifit for me, as magic prices seem to be going nowhere but up lately.

As I would like to make this become a staple of my blog, I would like to now post my currents for Magic.

Magic: the Gathering - Current Decks

  • Type 2 : Standard
  • Control (U/W) [Originality in names huh?)
  • Vampires (B/R)
  • Quest (W)
  • Type 1.5 : Legacy
  • Dreadstill/Hunted Horror (U/B)
  • Faeries (U/B)
  • Casual - Tribal Wizards (U)
  • Affinity (U/B/R/G)
  • Circu Mill (U/B)
  • Bant (W/U/G)
  • Flicker (W/U)
  • Elves! (G) (In Work to Competitive level)
  • Type 1 : Vintage
  • Mono Black(B... duh)

I'm sure that there is a couple decks I'm forgetting, as I've been going through quite a few decks and standard has rotated a full turn since I've posted last. Currently the format is Zendikar/M11/Scars of Mirrodin.

Wrap Up

Well, things as you can see... are all over the place. I suppose I would expect nothing less from a 21 year old going through lots of changes. I can only hope that I will post more frequent and have something of at least some literary merit worth sharing with you. Until that point, I bid you all adéu and sayonnara~


Monday, June 15, 2009

First Real Post

I will try and use a format similar to this when I post my interests, because like all 19 year old guys, there is quite a bit... and order is key!


  • Video Games - [PC] Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst (Schthack Private Server)
  • Video Games - [Wii/GC] Super Smash Brothers Melee
  • Video Games - [PC] (
  • Card Games - [Magic: The Gathering] Deck Building, New M10 Rules, Saving $ for New Dual Lands
  • Free Time - Reading StarCityGames forums, forums, and NintendoCapriSun "Let's Play" Youtube videos

I think that's a good start... Anyways I will try and start off my posts with something like that, and then talk about what else is going on. So let's get started...

SUNY Oswego has been out now for just about a month today and the obligatory "Go work for dad" situation is comming up again. While it's not nesessarily a bad thing, I would like to start working with kids during the summer to get a feel for that type of white-colar work. I have applied and interviewed with the CNY-Works group, a Syracuse based work help program, to find some work this summer in the area, but I'll be waiting to hear back from them at least until June 19th. I will probably go up to Rochester and help my father out with some of the painting that needs to be done (Read: Do all the painting with a tooth brush) on the barns.

Besides getting ready to go to work this summer, I have been keeping quite busy with Andria (My girlfriend of 2 years). This is her last year of High School and as I write this, this is her last day of it! I'm very proud of her and I can't wait to see how much better life is for her out of that dreaded hell hole of a gossip centre.

Gaming is for me, an integral part of being happy. While everything is good in moderation, I do enjoy to spend some of my free time playing a multitude of games. For a little over a year now I have become interested in mid-level Magic: the Gathering, that is FNM scene and casual with not much more then that. That being said I have really enjoyed messing with decks like;

Magic: the Gathering - Current Decks

  • Type 2 : Standard
  • Faeries (U/B)
  • Naya Zoo (W/R/G)
  • Esper Control (W/U/B)
  • Type 1.5 : Legacy
  • Dreadstill/Painter Servant (U/B)
  • Casual - Tribal Wizards (U)
  • Affinity
  • Elves!
  • Type 1 : Vintage
  • Painters Servant (U/B)
  • Mono Black(B... duh)

Those above are really the only ones I keep sleeved and ready for a game, although I haven't been playing as much as I would like due to the lack of free competition. All my old High School friends that played Magic, and even my nieghbor who I regarded as an excellent player, have traded in there cards for other hobbies. I do still have some friends who play but latly I just haven't been able to hang out with them.

Continuing on with gaming, PSO:BB is like a blast from the past for me. It's been so fun to replay the old Forest 1-2 and Dragon boss finally online again. While the game is great fun, the higher drop rates, and lack of duping has had a rather significant change on the original GC version that I was so used to back in 8th and 9th grade. As of late I haven't felt to much for playing it.

Melee, needs no introduction or additional comments. I just haven't been playing much due to lack of other people to play against and Wii acting up not reading disks :( SUPRINGLY fun little flash game that I SHOULD only spend 5 minutes on, but end up spending FAR more time then I should messing around trying to level up and check on the stats of all my little characters... If you wanna help me out, click the link and fight! I get experiance for new IP's that play the game...

Just incase you where wondering, Fajen Dari is an anagram of Jeff and Andria... (Minus one "f" but the idea is there :P)

Well I suppose thats it for now... have fun and keep thinking! Knowledge is POWER!


New Blog.

So, I've finally decided to make a blog.

After a bit of thought as to what I should do to keep myself sharp with writing as well as just leave a mental legacy as to what goes through my mind I figured that a Blog would be the perfect thing! I will try and update at least once a week with my current interests; maybe in a cool format once I get used to this Blogging thing. Besides that I will include whats going on in my life, thoughts on the future, and basically anything else going on in my world.

Hopefully this will also prove as a way to keep my writing abilities sharp and, if nothing else give me a place to vent all the rediculous things that happen.